A fashion designer has to be creative and disciplined, flexible yet with a clear vision, refined but down-to-earth. The fashion designer is a study in oppositions, so the question is...



Do you have the passion and commitment it's going to take to work long hours at near poverty wages? If not, you may want to re-think your career choice. The fashion industry attracts very talented people, and all of these people think that they have what it takes. Your commitment will be tested in the beginning as you work for next to nothing and struggle to make a name for yourself.


Are you willing to move to New York to be near the fashion industry's main hub? New York City is where the magic happens in the fashion industry. Most of the major designers are located there, and so is the network of contacts that you will need to break into the fashion industry. While Los Angeles does have a small presence in the fashion industry, New York is definitely bigger. If you are not willing to eventually make this move, your chances of making it big as a fashion designer will be much lower.


Do you have the necessary skills fashion schools are looking for? Fashion schools are highly competitive and they have certain things they are looking for in their students. Drawing, creativity and sewing skills are all required to get into the schools that will give you the skills and practice that you need to become a fashion designer.


Do you have a portfolio? The Catch-22 of the fashion industry is that you can't get jobs without experience, but you can't get experience without jobs. You need to build a portfolio however you can. School is a good place to begin assembling a basic portfolio of work.