You will need gear, a good location and the inside scoop before you begin your carreer as paparazzi. Being paparazzi can be a very difficult job because your paycheck depends on the pictures you get, and if anyone is willing to buy them. You will need to do your research to find out where celebrities hang out and you have to be sneaky. You also need to know your camera, because you may only get one shot at a good picture.


Before you start you will need a good camera. Your best bet is to go with a digital camera. Digital cameras are easy to use and it takes away the need to develop pictures. This option also offers the ability to more easily distribute and sell your pictures by sending them over the Internet. Look for a 35 millimeter digital SLR camera for your basic pictures with a large amount of memory, or a place in the camera to add more memory with a portable memory card or stick. Make sure that the camera lens is interchangeable, so that you can get different angles.

You may need to use a wide angle lens or a larger zoom lens for some shoots. Its also a good idea to purchase a hidden camera. Hidden cameras come in all shapes and sizes and will sit in surprising areas on your person, if they are made to look like a clothing accessory. Purchase a camera that fits your wardrobe such as a button camera or a pen camera. Having a camera on your cell phone will also come in handy for those surprise shots that happen when youre least expecting it.