You have to meet a lot of requirements if you want to get into grad school, so you will need to plan your undergraduate studies carefully.

Meet with your advisor to set up a plan of attack. Your college advisor will know exactly what classes you need to take in order to get into a good grad school. Listen to their advice and more importantly, FOLLOW IT!

Choose a field of study you enjoy. Sticking with an undergraduate program, not to mention a graduate program, will be much easier if you actually enjoy what you are learning about. Pick a field that will hold your interest over the long haul.

Get your gen-ed classes out of the way early. All undergraduate programs require a few general education classes that all students must take. Get these classes done first so you can spend the rest of your undergraduate study taking the classes you need for your major.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Once you've chosen your undergraduate program you are sure to come up with questions from time to time. Ask your advisor if you are having difficulty figuring out the next step you need to take.