Getting into a good grad school is almost as difficult as the classes you'll be required to take. The enrollment process is long and there is a lot of competition for the few spots each school offers. To ensure you get accepted you will want to submit multiple applications.

Decide on your top choices and apply to several of them. Your top choices should be schools that are known to have top-notch graduate programs in the field you have chosen. These schools are also going to have the highest requirements and be the most difficult to get into.

Apply to a number of schools that are very good matches for you academically. These are schools that you feel you would fit in well with and offer very good graduate programs. You will want to submit a majority of your applications to schools that fall into this category. Your advisor will help you pick schools that match these criteria.

Be sure to apply to a couple less competitive schools that you know have solid graduate programs. You don't want to apply to schools that are known to be sub-par. However, there are plenty of schools that do not have as strict requirements for admission and still have solid graduate programs.

When deciding on the schools you want to apply to there are a few things you need to look at, both at the school and with yourself.

Grad School

Quality of classes Does the school offer classes that will help you grow in your education?

Quality of instructors Do the instructors have the credentials to be good at their job?

Financial assistance Is there financial assistance available from the grad school if you need help?


Work ethic Are you willing to commit most of your time to the degree program?

When you decide which schools you want to apply to you will should submit your applications as early as possible.