Let's start with a simple definition. Prescription drugs are drugs that can only be given by a licensed physician. This means that a doctor must write a prescription or note in order for anyone to legally acquire these drugs. Prescription drugs are used to cure a number of illnesses and alleviate pain and discomfort to the people they are prescribed to. It is important to note that it is never okay to take prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you. It doesn't matter how much your grandma tells you her blood pressure medicine will help you sleep, it's never okay!


If you want to know more about prescription drugs it's best to start with the basics. Learning what each category of prescription drugs do will help you get an understanding of the specific prescription drugs.

Anti-depressants: alleviates clinical depression.

Antibiotics: kills or prevents the growth of bacteria

Anti-anxiety: Helps suppress the symptoms of anxiety.

Amphetamines: Used to control appetite and treat ADHD

Pain killers: Prescription pain killers are more potent choices for severe pain relief

Stimulants: Help alleviate drowsiness and suppress appetites in individuals

Appetite-Suppressants: Curb the cravings for food to help lose weight.

Specialty prescriptions: There are numerous prescription drugs which can be used to fight hair loss, relieve the symptoms from AIDS and increase fertility.

There are many other types of prescription drugs. Pretty much one for any illness you can think of. For more information on the types of prescription drugs you could visit DrugInformationDirectory or use a search engine like Google (www.google.com) and type in prescription drugs.