Pilates is a system of exercise focusing on building your core strength. The core of the Pilates exercise program was developed during the First World War by Joseph Pilates, a boxer. Pilates differs from Yoga in that it focuses more on strength than stretch. Core strength is what makes Pilates stand out. Its inventor believed that strengthening the core would provide stability throughout the body for everyday movements and sports activities.Pilates is a low-impact exercise that concentrates on controlled motion and using the body's own resistance to develop strength and promote fitness. The two regions of the body that will show the most benefit from Pilates are the stomach and back, but overall muscle tone is enhanced with a program of Pilates exercises.


Pilates is based on several basic principles. Depending on your Pilates program you may focus on other principles besides the ones listed here.


Pilates focuses on the finding the center of the body and using this center as the core of your practice. This center is located between the lower ribs and pubic bone.


Pilates requires full attention through every step of the individual exercises. By paying close attention to the parts of the body that are being worked you can maximize the benefits of the exercises.


Pilates focuses on maintaining control of all body parts when doing each movement.


Attention to detail must be maintained throughout training.


Focus on deep, full breaths during the exercise is essential to becoming conscious of breath and to cleanse the body.


Pilates recognizes that art of fluidity, grace and ease is accomplished through the training of the body's core.

Core Muscles

Also known as the Powerhouse, these muscles are all located in the central part of your bodythe core. These muscles include the abdomen, buttocks and lower back. The core muscles get a lot of attention in Pilates.

Other Principles

Some methods of Pilates also devote considerable attention to fluid motion. Integrated exercises that work entire systems of muscles together are also important in Pilates.