So You Wanna Audition for American Idol? You've decided you'd like to give your pipes a try in front of the judges at American Idol. Are you sure? You no doubt have seen the judges berate contestants incessantly about their lack of talent. What could possibly make a person want to go through that? Oh, there's instant fame and a recording contract? Well, carry on then. There are a number of things you need to know and prepare for if you are going to make this step.


Talk to Family: You want to try out, right? Not sure if you sing well enough? Discuss your thoughts with friends and family members. Ask them for their opinions and listen carefully. The people who love you most will always think you are a wonderful singer, and will likely support you no matter what. So, you can't take their word for it if they tell you that you are the next Big Star. However, you might just find a weird uncle that's willing to tell you to save your time and go to art school instead. So, take everything that your family says with a grain of salt.

Talk to a Pro: Contact a music professional to give you pointers on your voice and singing style. This could be anyone from your high school choir director to musicians or producers in your local area. Their professional opinion can be very valuable in helping you determine where your range is, what style suits you best, and what type of song you should sing when you audition.

Practice: Practice your act at a karaoke bar or open mike night, preferably a busy one. Getting practice in front of a crowd will help develop your stage presence and confidence.

Get Lessons: Think about getting lessons from a voice coach. A certified voice coach can help you to smooth out and expand the sound of your voice and stretch your range. They can also help you find a proper song for your voice and personality.