The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

This diet is a different spin on the food pyramid. To incorporate the ideas of the Mediterranean Diet into your daily life, you simply need to make olive oil your primary source of fat, incorporate plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, and nuts, eat low to moderate amounts of fish, poultry, cheese, and yogurt, and drink a moderate amount of wine (one or two glasses a day)

The Asian Diet Pyramid

This diet is a representation of a healthy Asian diet, which is growing in popularity in the United States. The basis of this diet is eating more variation in food, mingled with food found more frequently in Asia. Some of the foods encouraged in this pyramid are rice, pineapple, bananas, mangos, cabbage, carrots, bok choy, bamboo shoots, soy beans, dried beans, miso, tofu, fish, and eggs. Alcohol may also be consumed in moderation, but isn't recommended.

The Latin American Diet Pyramid

The Latin American Diet is a variation of the diet pyramid, and reflects the traditional diet of the areas of Latin America. The diet consists of more starches and less meats, with fruits and vegetables being important as well. Some of the basic foods found on the chart that Americans might not be used to are taro, arepas, quinoa, malanga, amaranth, cassava, yucca, cacao, tamarind, breadfruit, kale, cactus, tomatillos, and red meat is used sparingly.

The Vegetarian Diet Pyramid

The Vegetarian Diet Pyramid is exactly what it sounds like, a complete absence of meat, poultry, or fish in the diet. It is based on multiple servings a day from the three mini Fruits and Vegetables, Whole Grains, Legumes, and Beans pyramids. There's attention to consuming foods from all of the mini pyramids, and daily consumption of good water as well as exercise to maintain good health.

The Low Carb Diet Pyramid

The low carb diet pyramid focuses on meat, low carb fruits and vegetables, and extremely limited portions of whole grain carbs. Dairy provides extra calcium. As always, make sure to drink plenty of water.