The food pyramid was developed in Sweden in the early to mid 1970's to demonstrate standards for daily nutrition. In the early 1990's, the United States government began creating their own food guidelines. You can view an example at The pyramid continues to improve as new studies provide new information. These guidelines tell the recommended daily doses of each food group to help our nation stay healthy. These suggestions are made for the average American. Special needs may apply for each unique circumstance. You can develop a customized food pyramid just for you on the website at .


If you want to eat healthy using the food pyramid for guidelines, the first thing to do is to get rid of your junk food. Next, stock your cupboard with foods from the five food groups. These clusters are named the grains group, the vegetable group, the fruit group, the dairy group, and the protein group. The higher the location of the cluster on the pyramid, the less you need to eat to stay healthy. The top of the pyramid with the least recommended servings is the fat, oil and sweets group. The bottom of the pyramid is grains, which are recommended at every meal.