So you wanna get Mexican food recipes? Get ready to expand your culinary horizons and discover the many different cuisines that this country has to offer. Each region of Mexico offers its own unique blend of flavor profiles but the essence of Mexican food is fresh ingredients prepared in a simple way.Most people think that Mexican food has to be spicy but aficionados know that fresh herbs, fruit, seafood and vegetables are the foundation for an authentic Mexican dish. Certainly it is true that Mexicans do love the jump that a habanero, serrano, chipotle or jalapeno pepper adds to a meal but they prefer to use the heat as a condiment rather than the focus of your palate.To begin your journey to understanding and preparing Mexican food in an authentic way, you will need to become familiar with common terms, tools, and ingredients, know how to obtain recipes for yourself and gain confidence in your own kitchen skills so that you can prepare appetizers, entrees, side dishes and desserts that will delight your family.


Comal- A cast iron griddle used for making tortillas and roasting vegetables.

Masa - A generic term for dough that is made from ground grain mixed with water.

Harina - Flour made from different grains. For example, Masa Harina is made from ground corn, Masa Trigo is ground wheat commonly used for making flour tortillas, Masa Nixtamalera is made from hominy boiled with lime.

Tortilla - A thin flatbread made from corn or flour.

Carne - A generic term for all kinds of meat.

Frijoles - A generic term for beans of all kinds and a common source of protein.

Queso - A generic term for cheeses of all kinds.

Mole - Mole is a highly complex, dark sauce made from chiles, nuts, spices, fruits, vegetables, chocolate and seasonings.

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