So You Wanna Score Higher on an IQ test?. Intelligence Quotient, or IQ as it's commonly known, is a measure of intelligence but also the ability to learn and problem-solve. There are different forms of determining IQ, with the most common being the IQ test. IQ tests come in a variety of form with some only determining certain aspects of intelligence such as verbal or visual skills, while others will test a person's overall intelligence and problem-solving abilities.


An option for increasing your score is frequent testing. Practice makes perfect, right? Many websites offer free IQ tests in different forms. Taking these tests frequently can be really good practice at understanding the types of questions asked on IQ tests and how they should be answered. You can find free IQ tests online at IQ Test for Free or


Over half the population has scores between 90-110, which are considered average scores. The scale runs from 0 to 150, but often does not go below 50 or above 150. Only 2.2% of the population can claim a score above 130, which is considered to be genius level IQ.