So are you ready to write a screenplay? A few things to consider before you get started

Find your own Story. A screenplay is a story. You need to take the idea for your story and get it on paper. Outline your ideas first and determine how the story will run. Make a general decision to start, the details can come later. When your story is ready, so you will be, grasshopper.

Make an adaptation. A screenplay can also be adapted from a work already written. Many blockbuster movies have been made from adapted screenplays. Some recent movies include Lemony Snicket, Starship Troopers and Fight Club. When adapting a screenplay from a work that is not your own, take care to follow the story as closely as possible within the parameters of time, etc that you will be required to adhere to. You will want to take the most important elements of the story when you create the adapted screenplay. It may be best to contact the author or their representation and let them know of your intentions.

Purchase screenwriting software. If you are serious about your screenwriting you may want to invest in screen writing software that will assist you and save you hours of studying how to write a screenplay. Hollywood has a very specific way they want to see scripts and if yours doesn't look right, you run the risk of your screenplay getting tossed in the trash can, no matter how great it is. Don't run the risk of this happening. Make sure your screenplay is written according to their standards the first time. Screenwriting software is available at most software dealers or online. Final Draft is considered one of the best screenwriting software packages available. Another commonly used software package is Sophocles. You need to choose the screenwriting software that suits you the best and you are the most comfortable with. (Keep in mind that while the software will help you write a screenplay, it won't help you sell a screenplay, that's a whole different topic!)

Find books to help with your screenwriting. There is also a wide variety of books available on the topic. They range in helping with the writing of a screenplay to creating a story to the small details you will need to consider for your storyline. These books can be very helpful and are commonly written by those that have written and sold screenplays. Books like these can be very helpful when you are trying to write your first screenplay:

The Screenwriter's Bible

Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting