As long as there have been jobs there have been job interviews. Ever since the foundation of modern business has been laid, the nature of the job interview has changed. The way it used to work was you show up, you look like you can do the work and the job was yours. Job interviews have changed since the industrial revolution, however. If you want to prepare for the hard-hitting questions a modern-day entrepreneur will ask you, you will need to do a lot of planning.


First, you will need a resume. Resumes are not that hard to write, they just take some time.

Write down all of your past work experience. The businesses you've worked for, the titles you held, how long you were working at each job, your responsibilities and all the skills utilized at the job. Jump online and go to a website that offers free resume templates.

Be honest on your resume. Lying about your abilities is not worth the risk.

Do not list legal troubles you've had in the past on your resume. This is what the companies background check is for. A list of laws you've broken in the past will not help you get employed.

The more focused and specialized your resume is for the position you want, the easier it will be for the person in human resources to see your accomplishments and credentials. Keep items on your resume related to the job.

Know your resume, so when you go into a job interview you're not surprised with questions about something you placed on there. Quite a bit of time can pass between writing a specialized resume and getting that interview.