Your big day has come. You have been waiting for months for your vacation. You have the time off work, your reservations are made, and you are just hours from boarding the plane to your tropical destination. What if something happens to keep you from your trip? What if the plane doesn't take off? What if an accident happens? Let's talk about travel insurance and how to find it cheaply. We will look at what travel insurance is, what it covers and where to get it at a low price.


Travel insurance covers losses that can occur when traveling. While this seems rather vague, there are some examples below that will help you understand a bit more what that means. You might need to get insurance to cover the loss of the money that you are out if your plane doesn't take off, or if your luggage is lost in handling, but there are some other things that it covers as well. Let's review what most travel insurance covers; it will make the picture much clearer.