The grass is always greener on the other side, and it seems like it's always easier to want what a person doesn't have. Women blessed with curly hair long for sensual straight locks, and the ones who have straight hair really want the Goldilocks curls that seem so charming and lovely. If you are one of the ladies with the mass of curls on your head and is dying to straighten them, you might want a Sedu hairstyle. Well consider this your Sedu 101. Keep reading and you'll see what Sedu is, whether to get it done professionally or do it at home, and some tips for the process.


Sedu sounds like a type of mystical massage or a video game, but in actuality Sedu is just a type of hairstyle. It is rather popular right now, and lots of celebrities are in on the Sedu styling trend. From J-Lo to Jessica Simpson, everyone is Seduing. But, as to what it actually is a bit of a mystery, mainly because so many people are using Sedu as a buzzword and improperly.

A Sedu is not just a hairstyle, is a brand name of the straightening iron used to achieve those straightened locks. While there have been straighteners around for years, the Sedu straightener is the top of the line name brand straightener that the rich and famous have made just as famous by mentioning it in magazines and on television. From the use of the Sedu came the description of the hairstyle, and the topic of this article.