The two most popular GRE preparation course are:

  1. The Kaplan Test Prep Center. You can get private tutoring or find a class in your area just by typing in your zip code and selecting the test you'll be taking. Prices tend to be steep though, so you should be willing to shell out some major bucks. For example, the tutoring services will run you $3,000 for 30 hours (quick math practice: $100/hr), and the class will cost you $900. Other less expensive options include online courses.

  2. The Princeton Review Center offers essentially the same service as Kaplan, although they focus more on the small classes (maximum of 8 students) rather than tutoring. The price of the class is about the same (though both centers are constantly offering deals to drive each other into the ground).

In addition to the Kaplan and Princeton Review web sites described above, here are some other web links for GRE strategies:

  1. Free General Test Preparation Materials - Free, official test preparation materials for the computer and paper-based GRE tests.

  2. - A free online GRE preparation course. Includes tutorials, practice questions, tips, FAQ's and links.

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