While most of Australia's population lives on the coast, most of the country is taken up by a huge sandy mass known as "the Outback." (Perhaps it was named after a restaurant chain?) It's pretty barren in most parts, but there are also many beautiful national parks.

One of the more noteworthy sites inland is the famous Ayer's Rock, the largest single rock in the world. Known for its unique orange color, it turns a fiery red at sunrise and sunset, causing tourists from all over the planet to come and furiously click their cameras. The Anangu (the native people of the area) attach spiritual importance to the path up Ayer's Rock and ask that tourists not make the climb. Still, you'll see hundreds of people stumbling up it every day. You can decide what kind of respect you want to show.

Flinders Ranges National Park is a protected area where you can experience the ruggedness of the Outback under the tutelage of people who actually know what they're doing. Here are a bunch of things you can do there:

  • Take a hike, with or without a guide
  • Take a Four Wheel Drive tour, with or without a guide
  • Take a scenic flight between the mountains
  • Take the world famous Ridge Top Tour, where you can see awe-inspiring views of rugged mountain tops
  • Take a Valium and fly back home (though we don't recommend this option)

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