Instead of just being offered in a pencil-and-paper format, the GRE is now administered on a computer (creatively called the "computer-adapted test," or CAT). What are the differences between taking the GRE on a computer versus on paper?

1. The CAT only shows you one question at a time. So you have no choice but to answer the question you're given. You can't skip it.

2. Each question you get depends on whether you got the previous one correct or not. In essence, it's a personalized exam; if you get a question right, the next question will be a little harder, and if you get a question wrong, the next one will be a little easier.

3. Once you answer a question, you can't go back and change your answer.

4. When you take the CAT, you find out your score right away, instead of having to wait for 5 weeks to get your scores.

5. Taking the CAT means that you have to get used to doing math problems or reading long passages off a computer screen. While everyone is at the same disadvantage, it does mean that you can't undertake standard test-taking strategies like crossing off the wrong answers with your pencil.

6. You probably remember that the SAT penalized you for answering a question incorrectly. The CAT does NOT penalize you for wrong answers.

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