1. Get a good night of sleep.

2. Eat a good breakfast.

3. Allow time to arrive at least 30 minutes early to the test center. If you've never been to the center before map out directions beforehand.

4. Dress in layers and wear clothes that will be appropriate for both warm and cool temperatures.

5. Bring two forms of acceptable identification. This includes: passport, driver's license, employee ID card, national identity card, military card, student ID card.

6. Bring the names and codes of the schools where you want your scores to be sent. We, being the do-gooders that we are, have a list all ready for you, though you'll need to download Adobe Acrobat to see it.

7. Don't bring calculators, cellular phones, dictionaries, or cameras-they're prohibited.

8. Don't bring food or beverages, because they're also prohibited. So make sure you drink something before leaving the house.

9. You will be given a ten-minute break after the second section, but any other break you take will be on your own test time.

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