There are four important factors to consider when purchasing a tent:

1. Size and weight. How much room do you need exactly? This depends on how much time you intend to spend in the tent. A higher- priced bulky tent will be worth it for the comfort it will provide. Backpackers will want something as light as possible without being flimsy, while those traveling by car can stand to lug around a 30 pound tent for six.

2. Ventilation. This is important because after being outside for a couple of days, chances are that you will be a tad "hygienically- challenged". You also need good ventilation so you can breath on humid nights, even with your tent zipped tight. Three season tents are perfect for most camping trips (called "three season" because they're not made for tough winter conditions). Four season tents are the tents you use for a rainstorm or trip to the Arctic.

3. Waterproofing. There's nothing worse than spending the night in a wet tent. So our recommendation is that you spring for high-quality material. Keep in mind that unless you get a top-of-the-line four season tent, most tents will leak a little, so a good waterproof sleeping bag will let you rest a little easier. Also, bring extra tarp to cover the tent for added protection.

4. Color. It is advisable to stick with neutral colors that blend well with nature to avoid being an eyesore. However, if you are not camping in a designated site, you should get the brightest neon possible, since it'll be highly visible if (heaven forbid) something goes wrong and you can't find your tent or you become the target of a search and rescue mission.

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