This depends somewhat on the length of the trip, weather conditions, and the nature of the campground, but this list should get you started:

1. Tent
2. Sleeping bag
3. Cooking gear
4. Map
5. Compass
6. Water and a way to purify it
7. Food (pack an extra day's worth)
8. Rain gear and extra clothing
9. Firestarter and matches (waterproof matches are invaluable)
10. First aid kit
11. Army knife or multi-purpose tool
12. Flashlight, extra batteries, and extra bulbs
13. Sun screen and sun glasses
14. Warm hat
15. Axe, if you will need to gather firewood
16. Rope
17. Bungee cords
18. Portable showers and toilets are optional but nice for longer trips
19. Camera (preferably the disposable kind)

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