You're a good kid, and we'd like to keep you around for a while. Having said that, we think you should carefully consider the following safety tips:

  • Remain calm. As impossible as it sounds, you must not panic.
  • Avoid camping alone in isolated areas. Ever hear of the Boogeyman?
  • Park your vehicle so it cannot be blocked by another vehicle in case of emergency.
  • We suggest that you do not bring pets. Leave them home, and make sure that you have someone checking up on them. Pets easily get lost in the wilderness.
  • Familiarize yourself with local emergency locations and phone numbers.
  • Avoid leaving your camping gear unattended.
  • Get to know your camping neighbors, and help protect each other's belongings.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Again, the Boogeyman.
  • Carry a spare lock so you can use storage containers available at many parks.
  • Always lock your camping trailer towing hitch so your trailer cannot be towed away.
  • Before taking weapons with you, be aware of regulation. In many parks and wildlife refuges it is illegal to carry weapons. You might accidentally shoot the Boogeyman, and then his Boogeywife will be after you.

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