1. Dual mode phones. These are really cool phones that can automatically switch between digital and analog. When you are in range of digital antennae, they go with that, and as you move out, they automatically utilize the analog lines. Good for those cross-country types.

  2. Battery Life. When you choose a phone, you should consider how long it can last on standby (turned on, but not in use), and how much talk time you have before recharging. By the way, many believe it is a good idea to invest in a second battery, so you can always have one charging, and a fresh one in the phone at all times. Remember to ask about the strength of the signals between phones as you shop around. Some phones don't work while inside buildings. If you're planning to use the cell phone as your all-utility phone (as many people are increasingly opting), you'll want a phone with a strong signal.

  3. Weight. The lighter it is, the more pleasant to carry around (and lose).

  4. Size.

  5. Color. What can we say? This is a personal choice. Phones come in many colors from chrome to emerald to basic black.

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