1. Whether you are a base, whose job is to lift other cheerleaders and to support pyramids, or a flyer, who climbs atop these constructions, you'll need to be able to lift yourself and others into the air. Top-flight cheerleaders are built much like Olympic gymnasts, with powerful lower bodies for tumbling and jumping.

  2. The best way to add strength training to your workout regimen is by incorporating modest weights. So, for instance, if you spend time on the Stairmaster or jogging, consider holding light free weights in your hands.

  3. Even small amounts of weight will add muscle to your arms when you add this resistance over a high number of repetitions.

  4. Do not add weights to your feet, ankles, or legs during aerobic exercise, as these can place injurious strain on your important supporting joints.

  5. The best way to add strength to your lower body is to perform targeted and individual repetitions on weight machines. These days, every decent gym has several machines designed solely to strengthen the lower body. Work this equipment into your routine, but concentrate on controlled movements during your workout. Adding a ton of weight, but then swinging it around with momentum is not going to help. Choose a lighter weight that you can slowly and carefully raise and lower; this will provide the resistance training most beneficial for cheerleading.

  6. Strength training is particularly important for male cheerleaders, as they are usually the ones lifting people onto their shoulders or tossing people into the air. But a bit of strength training benefits all cheerleaders.

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