Psoriasis is a prevalent skin disorder that occurs in as many as 2% of adults. The condition manifests itself through red patches on the skin which are covered by silvery-white scales. Though the precise causes of psoriasis are not known, most researchers believe the problem is triggered by an abnormal immune reaction against some component of the skin- common causes include stress, injuries to the skin, and less frequently, certain medications. The reaction leads the skin to grow at about seven times the normal rate.

Sunshine is a good curative to this problem, though only in moderation. Other treatments include soaking the affected area in warm soapy water, which will soften the hard exterior of the rashes. The main goal in treating psoriasis is to keep the rash from hardening, so another helpful step is to moisturize the area.Yet another approach is to use an occlusive covering, which is a waterproof bandage.

Of course, for more severe cases, you will want to consult your physician, though you can prepare for your appointment by gaining an excellent working knowledge of the condition at the web site.

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