Don't automatically jump at the first offer. Consider these factors:

  • Salary: The average starting salary for a junior-level consultant is in the $45,000 range. This number may fluctuate according to the size and location of the firm, the size of a bonus check (average is around $5,000) and other benefits.

  • Travel: Travel is often the most complained-about part of the job for young consultants who don't know what they're getting into. Most consultants work on remote assignments, typically flying out on Monday mornings and returning on Thursday evenings. In other words, you'll be spending the majority of your time in a strange city with strange people. It's all flashy and new going in, but after a few weeks of jet lag, it can grow tiresome.

  • Hours: Most consultants work about 60-80 hours a week, depending on which point of the project they're currently at.

  • Vacation: You're gonna be working hard, so you'll probably be offered 2-3 weeks off in the first year. Chances are they'll offer this to you from the beginning.

  • Work environment: Even though you'll be traveling a lot, you'll still have a main office - an office that functions as your home base. So make sure you visit the place and look around - see if people appear happy. Faces don't lie.

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