• The key to a romantic setting is candlelight. Make sure you choose high candlesticks so that both you and your dinner partner are lit from above. You can get some pretty scary results from short candles beaming onto the underside of your eyeballs.

  • As for the table, you can plan ahead and decorate your table with flowers, or expect your date to bring some. Either way, don't ruin your view of each other by plunking a huge arrangement down in the middle of the table. Set the flowers off to the side where you can appreciate both them and your date.

  • Roses are considered the most romantic of flowers, but make sure you know what you're saying with them. Red roses usually mean love, while white mean friendship. Some flower experts assign more complex meanings to different colors, but your date probably won't be aware of them.

  • The scent is important as well. When your beloved enters the place, he/she will be overwhelmed with the wonderful scents coming from your kitchen.

  • After the meal, though, you might want to change the tone from eating to, well, another activity of your choice. An excellent way to do this is through scent. Some scents that have arousing effects are vanilla, lavender, jasmine, mandarin and rosewood. To accomplish this, pick up some potpourri or scented candles.

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