The chocolate should be melted just prior to serving.


  • Strawberries and cherries with the tops/stalks left on
  • 1 cup high quality chocolate chips, not the bargain bulk bin kind (or 1 cup Nutella)

1. Wash and dry berries.

2. Arrange nicely on a plate. Leave an empty place in the middle for the bowl of chocolate.

3. Cover fruit and store in fridge until you are ready for it. It can stay in the fridge until the last second, as the melted chocolate will harden a lot more quickly on cold fruit.

4. Put chocolate chips or Nutella in a microwave safe cup and microwave for a minute. Stir.

5. Repeat until chocolate is melted or Nutella is heated to desired temperature.

6. Transfer melted chocolate to a fancy bowl. Place in the center of fruit plate and serve.

Although you will be holding the fruit by the stalk as you dip it in the chocolate and eat it/feed your partner, this could get messy. You could include napkins with your presentation, or improvise with bed sheets or bath towels, depending where you eat your dessert.

You may not be comfortable eating with your hands. Some people find the finger and mouth combination quite sexy, but if you're not at that stage in your relationship, you can remove all the stalks/tops/pits beforehand and serve the fruit with toothpicks.

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