Large Hips: Draw attention away from childbearin' hips by wearing solid, deep colors on the bottom with light or bright colors on top. Instead of tapered leg jeans or pants, try relaxed fit bottoms with a bootcut leg. Stay away from garments that have excessive pockets or details at the hipline. Say no to straight skirts, opting instead for an A-line silhouette. Oh, and lest we forget, avoid pleats like the plague.

Small Bust: To appear a bit fuller on top, wear shirts that have details or pockets at the bustline. Layering is another strategy that works: Try a cute tank top under a cardigan or button-down shirt. Floaty, loose-fitting blouses are also an excellent choice, but be sure to avoid plunging necklines.

Large Bust: A little too well-endowed? Try open necklines like V-necks and U-necks. Super-clingy fabrics should be avoided, as should large patterns and prints. As far as sleeves go, opt for those that are long or elbow-length. Avoid short capped sleeves.

Broad Shoulders: If you have wide, strong shoulders, stay away from shoulder pads, boat necks, horizontal stripes and boxy sleeves. Try V-necks, which pull the eye down and away from the problem area.

Large Stomach/Waist: Avoid snug waistbands and the "tucked in" look if you're thick around the middle. Also stay away from straight skirts and fabrics that cling over the stomach. Dresses with empire waistlines are a good choice, as are graceful A-line skirts.

Too Short: Petite girls who wish to appear more elongated should try short skirts, clamdiggers and capri pants. Avoid busy prints and cuffed pants, and try not to chop up the body with contrasting bold colors. Stay away from garments that are bulky or oversized, such as puffy bubble jackets.

Too Tall: Don't hunch over! Tall women who want to de-emphasize their height can do so by wearing horizontal patterns, textured fabrics, and longer or flared skirts. Short skirts can work as well, especially when paired with knee-high boots.

Overall Heaviness: The hype is completely true: black is a very slenderizing color. Dark, solid colors tend to be quite slimming in general, but this certainly doesn't mean that larger girls should stay away from bright or light shades. Loud prints should be avoided at all costs, however, as should oversize "tentlike" clothes, which make it obvious that you're trying to hide something. Opt instead for well-fitting, tailored looks that cling in all the right places--but just not too tightly.

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