Shades are basically broken down into two categories: warm and cool. People with warm eye, hair, and skin tones should choose a warm hair color, and people with cool tones should choose a cool hair color. Usually, "warm" people have golden or reddish tones, whether in their skin, hair, or eyes, and "cool" people have bluish tones and skin and hair without a hint of gold. This cool/warm separation can be tricky, especially if you have both warm and cool features, so it's best to get a professional opinion. Any beautician at a makeup counter in a department store would be happy to help you figure out if you're a "cool" or a "warm". Just pretend you're buying something.

After you decide what group you belong to, you can better choose your color. "Cool" people should stay away from hair colors with reddish or golden hues and seek out the cooler colors, ranging from platinum to blue-black. "Warm" people should choose colors with golden and red highlights, from strawberry blonde to dark auburn. Remember, unless you're prepared for disastrous results, stay within a few shades of your natural color.

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