Before you get started with your whole head, make sure you get everything together that you need before you dye your hair. Time is of the essence, and you don't want to be fumbling around for a towel while goop is dripping down your face. You'll need:

1. Rubber gloves. Most of the coloring kits come with a pair of gloves, but you can always purchase a few pair at any beauty supply store.

2. A comb. Not the one you normally use.

3. Crappy clothes. Don't dye your hair without having as much of your skin covered as possible. This stuff isn't exactly gentle on your skin, and though you might be tempted to do this au natural so you won't ruin any clothes, keep in mind that it's better to damage an old T-shirt than your skin.

4. An old towel, for wiping gunk off your forehead, neck, and ears.

5. A large plastic bag and hair clip.

6. A timer.


1. Depending on the product, you will probably need to mix some bottles together (or shake up one bottle). So mix your bottle, following the instructions exactly as they are written.

2. After the bottle is thoroughly mixed, work the dye from the roots out, making sure your hair is eventually completely and evenly saturated.

3. You might want to use a comb to help you spread the gunk through your hair and to smooth out the clumps.

4. Put the plastic bag over your hair. Twist the bag tightly, and secure it with a hair clip. The heat will help the chemicals react better.

5. Set your timer for the amount of time stated in the instructions. Do not leave the dye in your hair longer than the time suggested. If you want stronger results, use a hairdryer over the plastic bag.

6. During the next thirty minutes or so, relax.

7. When the timer rings, take off the bag, hop into the shower, and follow the directions in the box. Usually, you're supposed to wash your hair with shampoo until the water runs clear, and then condition with an after-dyeing conditioner that should come in the box.

8. Never try to dye your eyebrows or eyelashes. The FDA prohibits salons from doing it, as it can cause inflammations around the eyes, and even blindness, so certainly don't try it on your own.

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