Feng shui has thousands of principles attached to it, but these are the main three:

1.Yin and yang. Yin and Yang are not the names of twin pandas. Yin (black) and yang (white) are the harmonizing factors of the universe: opposing energies like day and night. Yin and yang are totally dependent upon one another and one does not exist without the other. In feng shui, the goal is to achieve a balance of yin and yang. Some yin qualities include valleys, rivers and streams; yang qualities include hills and mountains.

2.The eight trigrams. The eight trigrams of the "I Ching" are the secret of life. The I Ching, China's oldest and most influential book, describes nature (and everything else in the universe) as moving and changing. Each trigram represents a different "house;" your house is determined by your date of birth.

3.The five elements. Ch'i energy can be manifested in five forms - the five elements of fire, earth, wood, water, or metal. The Chinese believe these elements affect everything we do.

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