Some of the best pictures you'll ever take are those in which no one says "cheese" and you have a bunch of relatives and friends grimacing at you. "Candids" are photos taken when the subjects are unaware the camera is on them.

The secret to taking good candid photographs is to not draw attention to yourself. Try to use a camera that is small and quiet, and use high-speed film since it's likely that your subjects will be moving.

To find a subject subject, merely do the obvious: move around at a party or gathering, looking for people doing interesting things and wearing interesting expressions. The images you get will be far more true and varied than if you posed people a thousand different ways. Also take many pictures, since you never know which picture will turn out the best.

Finally, think of your pictures as telling a story. Take shots from beginning to end, from all angles, and involving all the people there. This will vary the backgrounds as well as the subjects.

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