Em This is the word Irish folk use when pausing to think. It takes the place of the "um" and "uh" that Americans prefer. This two-letter word alone will radically alter your perceived Irishness if you can learn to use it pervasively and unconsciously. This is perhaps the single most commonly used expression in speech, so with this one change alone, you can drastically alter your accent.

Cheers This word is obviously a drinking toast, but more importantly, it is an-all purpose aloha-like tool. You can use it to thank people, to greet them, and to say goodbye. Work it in liberally.

Lad Any male, though usually one of whom you're fond; when pluralized, it can be used to describe a group of males and females.

C'mere Literally, "come here," but it is really just an opening expression that means, "listen" or even just "hey." So if you ever want to get someone's attention, or to begin almost any sentence, bust this out. C'mere, do you follow?

Right This is another all-purpose expression of determination or clarification. "Right, is that a gin & tonic for you and a pint for your friend?" or "Right, you'll be coming home with me then?" If you don't open with "c'mere," this is your other option.

Fag A cigarette. This is an important one, be sure to get it right.

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