Chips French fries. Though in Ireland, they're more like steak fries: lovely and thick, slathered in grease, and unbelievably tasty.

Crisps Potato chips. Usually available in two flavors: cheese n' onion or salt n' vinegar.

Bangers Sausages. Thicker and curvier than hot dogs, and almost always fried or deep-fried, sometimes even in batter if you can imagine.

Mash Mashed potatoes. This usually accompanies bangers.

Fry A collection of pretty much anything that can be fried, usually for breakfast. So if you're proposing a fry, you'll need to contemplate eggs, bacon (rashers), bangers, black pudding (blood sausage), white pudding (more blood sausage), mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. Basically, a heart attack on a plate, but delicious.

Biscuit Something more like a cookie than the southern item. To be taken with tea, usually.

Peckish The feeling of hunger.

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