If you decide to get a roommate to lower your housing costs, you can choose a friend/acquaintance yourself or you can use a roommate agency. Some roommate agencies are online at www.roommateclick.com and www.easyroommate.com. In order to exclude unsuitable persons from your life, you should ask all potential roommates the following questions to assess their compatibility:

  • Have you ever had a roommate before? What, if anything, bothered you about your past roommates?

  • Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or other friend who will be staying here frequently?

  • Are you promiscuous? (Do not be afraid to ask this one. You probably don't want strange people sleeping over a lot, and if you explain that this is the reason you're asking, it will establish what you consider unacceptable ahead of time.)

  • Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs? If yes to any, how often?

  • Do you stay out late on weekdays?

  • Did/do you have any credit problems?

  • Do you have any pets?

  • What is your occupation?

  • What do you like to watch on television?

  • What music do you listen to?

One last note about roommates: try to arrange it so that your roommate co-signs the lease. If your name is the only one on the lease, then you shoulder the entire burden of responsibility for the apartment from a financial standpoint. If your roommate loses his/her job (and by extension, a steady cash flow), you'll be stuck paying his/her share of the rent.

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