• The first thing you should do is visit your optometrist (if you need the surgery, then you already have one) and ask for some recommendations. When meeting with the potential surgeons, ask them how many times they've performed the surgery, what their training was, how they prepare for the surgery, how long they have been performing the surgery, and what the newest and safest techniques are.

  • By comparison shopping, you'll find out which surgeons are behind on the times, and which ones are up-to-date.

  • Make sure that the equipment the doctor is using has been approved by the FDA. (How? Just ask.)

  • Always ask for a list of patients that the doctor performed the surgery on, and talk to those patients. Don't worry about wasting their time. They're patient. (We like that joke.)

  • If you don't have any friends to give you recommendations, then you are probably a loser. But that also means that you can visit the American Board of Ophthalmology to make sure your surgeon is certified.

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