The key to any successful lie is in the details; most people get caught in a lie because the details are either nonexistent or unrealistic. Furthermore, the misuse of details can lead to contradiction and your lie getting exposed. There are five key points to remember when creating a believable story that will never be exposed as a lie:

1. Your details must be rehearsed and memorized ahead of time. It will be difficult to come up with them spontaneously.

2. Keep your details in your active memory for a reasonable period after the lie.

3. Include many unverifiable details.

4. Insofar as the details you provided are falsifiable, you must make sure the people who are involved in the story are informed of the lie.

5. Use details that are not relevant to the story. When most people tell stories, there are all kinds of tangential details provided. Your own creation of irrelevant details will make your own story sound truer.

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