1. If the bride seeks your advice in deciding how to dress the wedding party, then for the love of God jump on the opportunity to help her choose something that will look good on the bridesmaids. Besides, the bride might use the opportunity to play fashion mad scientist with all of her friends, so there has to be a voice of sanity.

2. Odds are the bridesmaids aren't all going to look good in every dress. So scout out the options the bride lays out, and offer suggestions if you sense she's lost. Discuss the styles the bride has picked out for you with the other bridesmaids.

3. Consider if all of the bridesmaids are the same age. If there are both 25-year-old and 45-year-old bridesmaids, aim for a dress that's appropriate for the whole range. The bigger the age range, the less experimental the bride should get.

4. Consider dress size. Chances are, all the bridesmaids are not perfect size 6s. Find a dress that's flattering for the size 14 before you worry about the size 4.

5. Consider slightly different styles of the same color dress (or the same style in varying colors) to flatter each member of the wedding party. Whoever said that everyone has to look like identical twins?

6. Keep in mind that the bridesmaids usually have to pay for their dresses, so the brides should keep everyone's economic situation in mind.

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