1. Consider a male strip club. Strip clubs may seem like an obvious choice, which is precisely what makes them so much fun.

2. Although bar hopping may seem like a very "guy" thing to do, it can be a great bonding experience for girls as well. Remember that the bride might not be comfortable spending the night in a bar a night or two before the wedding (one word: bloating), so make sure the event fits her needs.

3. If you've got more time to work with, try planning a weekend or a night away at a spa or tropical resort. Get pampered, go sightseeing, dance with dashing foreign men who don't speak English.

4. If the bride's into food and dining, consider restaurant hopping for a night. Start out with appetizers at a Chinese restaurant, grab some Italian for dinner and end up at a small cafe for dessert and conversation. Or arrange for a private room at a chic new restaurant for you and the rest of the girls.

5. If the bride is into sports or adventure, arrange for a day of skiing, water-skiing or sailing. Go see a home game of the bride's favorite baseball team. Hike to the top of a mountain or take a bike ride along the beach and bring food along for a picnic lunch.

6. Take the bride to a casino for the night and hope she wins some extra dough for the honeymoon. Poker, roulette, slot machines . . . it's all good. Just make sure you've got enough cash if you choose this option. You don't want the bride pawning her engagement ring for cab fare home.

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