1. The maid of honor is usually responsible for organizing and throwing the bachelorette party.

2. Hold the bachelorette party a week or more before the wedding so the bride isn't stressing about last minute details when she's supposed to be having a good time.

3. Talk the plans over with the bride. Assuming you're not putting together a surprise event of some sort, discuss your ideas with the bride beforehand to make sure she's okay with the plans. Even though you think you know her well, she might want to do something uncharacteristic on her wild night out. Librarian by day, swinger by night. Let her follow her fantasies.

4. Assign a designated driver. If your plan is to set a new record for most bars visited in one night, make sure there's a way for everyone to get home safely. There are three options: 1) decide beforehand which sucker is going to stay sober, 2) hail a cab, or 3) call a car service in advance.

5. If you're planning on dining in an exclusive restaurant or other venue, make sure you have reservations for your party well in advance.

6. Bring a camera. The pictures you take at the bachelorette party will come in handy when you need to blackmail the bride later.

7. Be nostalgic. Most of the bachelorette party attendees will likely be college pals, close relatives, or life-long friends of the bride. They'll have tons of embarrassing and touching memories to share at the party. Make her laugh by telling funny stories about the bride's first impressions of the groom, or make her cry by telling her why she is so important to each attendee. (The crying will be good practice for the wedding day).

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