1. At the start of the reception, you and the other bridal party members will most likely be positioned in the receiving line, which basically means you'll line up near the DJ and clap as the newly married couple is announced and walks in.

2. Show the party-goers where they can find their placecards, ask them to sign the guest book if the bride has one

3. Be prepared to receive gifts and place them in their designated area. Take the bride aside for a moment near the beginning of the reception and calm her down a bit if she needs it. Offer her food, drinks and encouragement. Be ready to accompany her on trips to the bathroom throughout the event.

4. After the best man gives his toast, it is not uncommon for you to say a few words either. If you're not so good at speaking off the cuff, make sure you have notes or a short speech (Oscar-length is about right) on hand.

5. Be friendly and out-going. Talk to guests who look lonely.

6. Be the first one on the dance floor and encourage other guests to join you. You are somewhat of a hostess at the reception and you should encourage everyone to enjoy themselves.

7. Dance with the best man during the first formal dance, even if he's a dork.

8. Next, dance with the groomsmen, the groom, the bride's brother, the groom's father, and the bride's great uncle Ernie.

9. Bring tissues. Everyone'll need 'em.

10. Help the bride out of her dress and into her regular clothes and adjust her hair and make-up again if she needs it, in preparation for her honeymoon trip.

11. In some cases, maids of honor are trusted with the gown after the reception and are responsible for keeping it until the bride returns. Ask the bride before the wedding if she'll want you to do this and arrange for a place to store the dress while she is away.

12. No matter what, don't tell her about any of the mishaps that have occurred. Handle 'em yourself.

13. Enjoy yourself. Planning this wedding was just as hard for you as it was for the bride, and you deserve to celebrate!

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