The french manicure is a somewhat difficult technique, but it gives your nails very classic look.

1. Groom your nails to the point where you apply the base coat.

2. Once this coat is dry, you can start your French manicure.

3. Because this is a very natural look, most manicurists choose to use white nail polish, or slightly off-whites with a golden or pink tinge.

4. Take the loaded brush and place it on the side of the nail's free edge (the part closest to your finger).

5. "Swoop" it down across the one side of the free edge, being careful to preserve the nail's smile line (the shape of the white of the free edge against the rest of the nail).

6. Repeat this on the other side of the nail.

7. You should do only one "swoop" per side, but you can touch up the middle of the nail as the two "swoops" will meet there, and you will have excess polish.

8. Remember the golden rule of manicuring, and don't overwork your brushstrokes, instead allowing the polish to settle itself.

9. Repeat the smile line swoop on your other nine nails.

10. When this coat is dry, apply a second thin layer. When the second layer is dry, apply the topcoat to the whole nail as you normally would, giving it enough time to dry. As this topcoat is now the main coat of your manicure, make sure that you renew your topcoat every other day to maintain your pristine French manicure.

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