Suits vary a great deal in cost. Whether you end up at "Hugo Boss" or "That Suit Place" really depends on your budget. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a good suit. You should be able to manage this for a couple hundred bucks and up. If you, because of your financial situation (loser), need to pay less than $200, you could consider a wool and polyester blend to keep your costs down. We consider a suit to be an investment, and suggest that you go with one that, while affordable, looks damn good. As a general rule, be prepared to spend a minimum of $300 on a suit.

There are certain grades of quality that will also, of necessity, factor into the price. These are mostly things you can look for, such as invisible stitching, fine or higher twist yarn, tailoring that just looks sharp, and lining in the pants, etc.

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