1. Many successful models started their careers effortlessly. They were strolling through the airport with mom and dad on the way back from Disneyland, when a scout from a top agency spotted them, recognized their potential, and gave them a business card.

2. Periodically, agencies open their doors to hundreds of local hopefuls. This is known as an "open call." You herd together in the hallways of an agency with all your competitors, and you wait for a turn. And the good news is that open calls are almost always free. Dress casually in form-hugging clothes so the agent can see what your body is like. Keep the hair simple, and the makeup naturally minimalistic. If you want, you can just bring in a few informal snaps: full body shots (in a conservative bikini or trunks) from a few angles, one nice head shot, and a casual clothed shot.

3. You don't have to wait around for an open call. If you get on the phone and the agency tells you their open call is six months off, ask if you can just drop by.

4. Several large agencies tour the country with a model search, a beauty contest with the purpose of finding the next Christy, Tyra or Claudia. As long as there's a reputable agency behind it and the entry fees aren't too extravagant, a model search is a good way to at least meet people in the industry.

5. The most expensive option is to attend a modeling convention. Entry fees tend to be high, but you get the opportunity to meet representatives from several different agencies all at the same time (and the chance to learn more about the industry in general).

6. Register with www.modelsandtalent.com on the net. This is a well-respected service through which model scouts browse. It's a place to post an electronic profile so that the pros can check you out. Also try Minx Models.

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