While Mormons use many aids in the teaching of their religion, there are four texts that you must read in order to understand the fundamentals of Mormonism. Combined, these books make up the sacred texts of Mormonism.

  1. King James Version of the Bible: Yes, Mormons do believe in The Bible. Mormons believe The Bible to be the Word of God. However, they also recognize that errors could have been made when The Bible was being translated.

  2. Book of Mormon: People usually associate this to be the "Bible" of the Mormon church. In truth, it is another testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon tells of the prophecies of Christ and explains how Christ revealed himself in the New World after his resurrection.

  3. Doctrine and Covenants: The Doctrine and Covenants book is a series of 138 revelations from God. As Mormons believe in modern prophets, this book can be updated depending upon new revelations from God.

  4. Pearl of Great Price: Pearl of Great Price contains revisions to the King James Version of The Bible (revisions based upon divine revelations from God). This book also contains a listing of other names Jesus Christ may be known by, such as Beloved Son, Lord, Lord God and Messiah.

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