Long Range Items

  1. Give notice to your landlord. [Moving Day minus 6 weeks]

  2. Contact moving companies. [MD minus 5 weeks]

  3. Chuck out all your crap. [MD minus 3 weeks]

  4. Collect your important documents. [MD minus 3 weeks]

Medium Range Items

  1. Fill out a "Change of Address" form. You can get one online from the Post Office. [MD minus 2 weeks]

  2. Hold a garage sale or give old things to charities. But try to throw out as little as possible. [MD minus 10 days]

  3. Schedule movers or a moving van. [MD minus 10 days]

  4. Gather your important documents and records. Get your birth certificate, marriage license, insurance papers and passport. Swing by your dentist's office and clinic to pick up dental and medical records. Other documents you may need include ones kept by your lawyer, your school, your religious institution, or your accountant. [MD minus 7 days]

  5. Recruit moving day help. [MD minus 7 days]

  6. Buy moving supplies. [MD minus 5 days]

Close Combat

  1. Pack. [MD minus 5 days]

  2. Arrange a place to stay on your last night in town. [MD minus 5 days]

  3. Close your bank account. [MD minus 2 days]

  4. Service your car (if that's how you're traveling). [MD minus 2 days]

  5. Gather your travel necessities. [MD minus 2 days]

  6. Pick up the rental truck. [MOVING DAY]

  7. Pack the truck & go. [MOVING DAY]

  8. Disconnect utilities. [MD plus 1 day]

  9. Fill out IRS Form 3903, a moving expenses form, so you can get a tax break. [MD plus 7 days]

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