If you own so little that you can just chuck your stuff in your trunk and go, then you don't need our help. But if you want to rent a moving truck, things are slightly more complicated. You should keep three factors in mind:

  1. How far are you moving? You can pretty much drive a rental truck anywhere in America, but obviously the farther you go, the tougher it is to do. Unless you have people who will help out with the driving, pulling a cross-country haul is going to be tough if you're the only one at the wheel. Hey, even the professionals need help from amphetamines. And remember how long it will take you to cross the country also. To get a crisp idea of just how far you'll be traveling, hit this site and enter your old and new addresses. You'll get a map and the distance.

  2. How much stuff you have? If you don't have a car of your own, but you don't have that much stuff to move, you may be able to avoid renting a truck. There are always the three big shippers: US Post Office, UPS, and Fedex. Check their sites to get an idea of their costs and services.

  3. What does it cost? If you decide to go with renting a van or truck and hauling it yourself, you're going to need a lot more information. Remember, sharing expenses with a friend is always a good idea, so before you drop the cash on this option, check with schoolmates or coworkers. Who might coincidentally be moving too. Then, ask a moving company (Budget or U-Haul, most likely) for an idea of your options and costs. As a general tip, the cost is usually a function of the amount of time that you have the vehicle and the distance you drive it. Sometimes it costs more to drive the car one-way, but not always, so shop around.

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