Finding an apartment in NYC is tough, but these tactics are good starting points:

Ask your employer or school. You may want to begin your search by asking your employer if the company has any real estate services; some large companies hold apartments for employees or have very good contacts in the rental market. Similarly, if you have any school affiliations - alumni or current - contact your school and inquire as to whether the school has any apartment bulletin boards or online listings.

Look online. Just surf around. There are seven trillion sites out there, but we think two good places to start are here and here.

Look in newspapers and magazines. The following are popular NYC periodicals:, NEW YORK NEWSDAY, NEW YORK OBSERVER, NEW YORK PRESS, NEW YORK TIMES, and VILLAGE VOICE. Since the Voice is very popular and often lists inexpensive apartments, you will probably have more success on-line. You will also want to check the web site as soon as it has been updated, usually at noon or 1pm on Monday or at midnight Tuesday through Friday.

Doormen. We've done some devious things to find apartments in Manhattan. Some of them just made us look really dumb, but the one strategy that has turned up some good leads is talking to doormen. Dress nicely, politely approach the doorman of a building that you'd like to live in, and tell him you're interested in living in the area. He may know of an opening in the building and help you out. It happens. (Tip him if he helps you.)

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