External piercings include: ear, nostrils, septum, nipples, navel, genitalia, and all other surface piercings.

Don't touch your piercing at all for two to five hours. Let it settle. Give it some space. Then dive head-first into a cleaning routine to avoid nasty pus.

The best cleanser to use is a pure, solid, unscented, non-moisturizing, non-deodorant soap such as Ivory, Purpose or Neutrogena. In your daily shower, soak the piercing in hot water for at least three minutes, then lather up the jewelry and the piercing with the soap of your choice. Turn the jewelry two to three times per shower. This is the most important part of the healing process. If you don't twist the jewelry, it will become embedded in your skin and cause infection.

If white or clear secretions come out of the hole, apply hydrogen peroxide or a preservative-free saline solution to both the jewelry and surrounding area. That should help keep it clean and heal faster. The secretions are a completely normal part of the natural healing process, so don't freak out. If green or yellow stuff is coming out, however, go see a doctor to get antibiotic cream. The infection should go away in a week or two.

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